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We are completely committed to providing you the highest quality of care available. For treatment of painful conditions, recovery of function, and injury prevention, we are dedicated to maximizing your well-being and health. We also offer a fitness program at our new location in Philippi, WV!

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  • Physical Therapy
  • Massage
  • Fitness
  • Post-Surgical Rehabilitation


Listed here below are some class packages we offer other than Physical Therapy.


Physical Therapy

  • Insurance company is billed and pt may have deductible or copay, based on an individual plan.
  • Private pay options available for uninsured/underinsured/out-of-network patients.
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Half-Hour Session - $40 1 Hour Session - $60

  • Professional Massage
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Personal Training

1-1 (or 1 on specific # family/group members). • $50/hour; 2nd family member $25/hour; each additional $10/hour • $250/6 sessions; 2nd family member $150; each additional $50 • $400/12 sessions; 2nd family member $200; each additional $100

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Semi-Personal Training

• $25/session; 2nd family member $10/hour; each additional $5/hour • $125/6 sessions; 2nd family member $75; each additional $25 • $200/12 sessions; 2nd family member $100; each additional $50

  • Clients receive 2 initial personal training sessions—1 for personal assessment; 2nd for individual workout, learning how to perform exercises correctly, and how to record on their individual chart.
  • client can schedule a workout anytime WELLSMART open, and will have written workout of the day, with exercises and suggested # reps for exercise, or time on equipment.
  • Mike will be on-site, but likely working with other patients, but available for advice, instruction, etc.
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$125/month—2 classes/week; or $20/session

  • Groups of 2-8, performing primarily HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training—but within client’s ability) in gym, on equipment, with tubing, and even outdoors when weather permits.
  • *”Fit Momma” bootcamp: Monday and Wednesday @ noon, or Evenings at 7 PM
  • *No more Dad-bod bootcamp: Tuesday and Thursday 7am, or 7pm
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Client Testimonials


I have been going to Mike for physical therapy off and on over a period of about 20 years. I had several vertebrae in my back broken when I was a teen...

tina mouser, Philippi


Mike is awesome! After he did a thorough evaluation he taught me exercises to do that have significantly reduced my pain. If you need physical therapy...

Robert Hurst, Philippi


Mike is an awesome therapist he get you doing the right things to help the process. He starts out slow to assess your ability and sets a routine for y...

Wendi Miller, Philippi


Wellsmart was one of the best rehab facilities I have ever attended. Mike was very kind, patient, knowledgeable, informative, caring, dedicated, goal...

Beki Myers, Philippi


I have been a client of WellSmart over a few years period (around 20) and my experience has been very rewarding. Whenever I have had a health issue th...

Lynne Llewellyn, Philippi

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Wellsmart Videos

Here is some video from Wellsmart with some Tips and different exercising techniques.